Ever healthier delicacies

Ever healthier delicacies


A few years ago, Confiserie Adam decided to withdraw a few deemed harmful materials from its products to not compromise on your health nor on taste.

The E171 additive, for example, was withdrawn from our products whereas the regulation will only come into being from January 2020.We really do care about your health here at Confiserie Adam and we act accordingly.

We are also currently obtaining IFS certification which must meet the following demands:

• Provide the customer with healthy goods

• Guarantee food safety to our distributors

• Meet the demands of the Community Legislation in matters of hygiene

Confiserie Adam adapts continuously to the market, is always on the lookout for the healthiest ingredients and raw materials to be used. Our Organic range, for example, is a perfect example of our desire to offer you gourmet products which take your well-being into account.