The Adam family history


The company created in 1912 by the Adam family has become a dynamic SME in centre Alsace, employing nearly 30 people while keeping its artisanal character.


For this century-old institution, confectionery is a long family story. In its beginnings, they offered mainly dragées, a traditional product, made from Italian, French or Spanish almonds, hazelnuts and chocolate. The range grew rapidly with an ever more gourmet and original selection of products. Today the Confiserie Adam range consists in three product families: dragées, chocolate-coated goodies and confectionery. Confiserie Adam has also just recently widened its range to include Certified Organic Farming products.

Confiserie Adam, an Alsatian family company since 1912, is today over 100 years old. 100 years of traditions, know-how, continuous innovation, and especially delicacies, creating founding values which are still true today. Confiserie Adam has always had its clients at heart. Or more their taste buds! Marrying gustatory pleasures, quality ingredients and French manufacturing skills is the core activity of our confectionery. Almond, hazelnut, fruit, praline and other delicately coated centres – our veritable gourmet creations will titillate your taste buds!

1912 : the Adam Brothers found the company.

The Adam brothers found the Adam Brothers Company in rue Saint Pierre in Herrlisheim near Colmar. The first Adam Family facility is born…

1957: Fernand, son of one of the founders, builds a manufacturing unit

Fernand Adam, son of one of the founders, takes over the company and builds a new production facility in the current location – rue de la Gare.

1983: Acquisition of the LOUP confectionery company

The Adam family take over Wolf establishments and its brand name: LOUP sweets. A logical development for the family as the quality sweets are handmade.

1989: Alfred Adam takes over from his father as manager of the company.

Fernand Adam retires. His son, Alfred, takes over as head of the company. And the family story continues…

1997: The company grows and expands

The company grows and extends its factory. They build a production workshop for chocolate centres and a conditioning workshop to meet growing demands.

2000: Catherine Adam takes over the running of the company

Catherine Adam takes over from her husband, Alfred Adam. Confiserie Adam obtains the ISO 9001 certification in the same year. A measure of quality and know-how within the company.

2002: ISO 9002 and Kasher Certification

Another step towards the recognition of our quality and our meeting clients’ specific demands

2014: LHC (Living Heritage Company) Certification

Confiserie Adam is recognised by the French state as a Living Heritage Company with rare know-how. A mark of trust and excellence.

2015: Aude Adam takes over at the helm of the company.

Aude Adam, daughter of Catherine and Alfred, takes over as head of the company, continuing the successful legacy of women at the helm initiated by her mother.

Here you will find a few nostalgic photos, illustrating the history of the Adam family…