Confidentiality policy

In the explanations which follow, the terms and conditions of usage of the present website are stipulated as are the terms and conditions under which CONFISERIE ADAM collects, uses, discloses, transfers and stocks personal details of its users.


CONFISERIE ADAM processes users’ personal data in accordance with the law and current regulations and notably general regulations for data protection.


With this confidentiality policy, CONFISERIE ADAM wishes to explain to users of its website the manner in which their personal data is collected, used and protected.


Should CONFISERIE ADAM substantially amend the present confidentiality policy, it undertakes to post an information notice on the present site at least 30 (thirty) days prior to the aforesaid amendments coming into force.


Should users of the website continue to use the latter after the entry into force of the amendments, they will be deemed as having given their consent.


Identity of the controller of personal data collection


The controller of the personal data collected during navigation of the present website is Raphaël KIESELE, 42 rue de la Gare, 68420 Herrlisheim-près-Colmar:


The delegate for data protection is Raphaël KIESELE


Purpose in collected data


CONFISERIE ADAM may process all or some of the present website users’ personal data, some of which is essential to the functioning of services offered on the site, for the following purposes:


  • To allow or improve navigation, establish audience statistics, measure possible ROI on acquisition marketing campaigns: login and usage data on the website;
  • To provide answers to users’ questions, provide an estimate, arrange an appointment online: collect the phone number, email address or fax number;
  • Preventing and combatting computer fraud and securing communications with or from the website: hardware used by users to navigate the present website, IP address, username and password (hashed) for connexion to a secure space;
  • To organise communication campaigns: collecting phone number, e-mail address, fax number;
  • To allow the sending of personalised e-mails to users of the present website: collecting phone number, e-mail address, fax number, login and user data used on the site.


Data collected and purpose of collection


The present website is a showcase website, allowing us to showcase the activity, products and overall functioning of CONFISERIE ADAM.


CONFISERIE ADAM is liable to collect personal data from its clients:

  • Upon creation of a customer account;
  • When the customer navigates the present website;
  • When the customer contacts CONFISERIE ADAM using the contact form on our website;


The data liable to be collected are the following: login details, navigation and website use data, phone number, e-mail address, hardware used by users for navigation on the present website, IP address, username and password for connexion to a secure area.


By providing all the afore-mentioned information or by authorising the collecting of the aforementioned data, the user of the present website accepts that the latter be collected and processed by CONFISERIE ADAM for the purposes stated above.


CONFISERIE ADAM undertakes not to market the personal data collected.


This data will be used only for the requirements listed above or for statistical and analytical purposes.


Use of personal data


CONFISERIE ADAM is liable to collect users’ personal data when they navigate on the present website or when they contact customer services using the contact form.


The legal basis is consent (article 6.1.A)


Personal data retention period


The retention period for personal data collected through the contact form on the website may not exceed five years when the user is “active”.


When the user is “inactive”, the collected data may not be retained for more than three years from the date of their last login to the website Consent must be renewed every 13 months with regard to the processing of cookies.


By navigating the present website, the user expressly agrees to their personal data being processed by CONFISERIE ADAM for the purposes stated above.


The user will indicate his acceptance by allowing cookies at the time of initial login on the present website.


Recipient of personal data collected


The recipients of the personal data communicated are the employees working in the sales and marketing departments at CONFISERIE ADAM.


Off-site data transfer


No data collected by CONFISERIE ADAM will be transferred to a country outside the European Union nor to a country deemed “not adequate” by the European Commission, without prior consent of the user.


CONFISERIE ADAM remains free to choose its technical and sales sub-contractors, the latter having satisfied itself that they present sufficient security with regard to the requirements of the General Regulation on data protection.


Use of cookies and Internet tags


By navigating the present website, the user understands that cookies may be installed on their browser, in particular cookies to establish general statistics on the use of this site.


The user will have the choice to allow or not these cookies while browsing the present website.


A cookie is a small information file sent to the user’s browser and stored in the browser’s terminal.


This file stores information such as the user’s domain name, internet access provider, operating system, date and time of access to the present site.


There is absolutely no risk of the cookies damaging the user terminal.


The editor is liable to process the user information with regard to their visit to the website. This information allows us to improve content of and optimise user browsing on the website.


This statistical processing is anonymous and allows to quantify the number of people visiting or returning to an internet page.


These cookies are in no way intended to track a specific user, the only aim being to improve the quality of use of the website and to write up relevant material for site visitors.


The user may at any time adjust their browser settings to decide to allow cookies or not, so that they may either be recorded in the terminal, or on the contrary be rejected either systematically or depending on the issuer.


The user also has the possibility to configure their browser software so that the allowing or not of cookies is proposed periodically, before a cookie can be recorded in the terminal.


The user is informed that if such is the case, certain functions on their browser software may not be available.


Equally, and in the event of the user refusing the recording of cookies, they are informed that their browsing on the present website may be limited.


When applicable, CONFISERIE ADAM declines all responsibility with regard to consequences linked to impaired operation of the present website and services offered, following refusal by the user to install cookies or the impossibility for CONFISERIE ADAM to record or consult the cookies necessary to their functioning, due to choices made by the user.



Right of access, rectification and opposition.


The user has the right to withdraw consent at any time.


An e-mail or letter must be sent to the following address:



42 Rue de la Gare à HERRLISHEIM-PRES-COLMAR (68420).





In accordance with existing regulations, users of the present website also have the following rights:

  • Right of access and rectification, updating, user data completeness, blocking or deletion of user personal data when the aforesaid are inaccurate, incomplete, equivocal, out of date or when collection, use, conservation or communication of the aforesaid is forbidden;
  • The right to withdraw consent at any time;
  • The right to limitation of user data processing;
  • The right to oppose user data processing
  • The right to data portability which users will have provided, when this data may be processed automatically on the basis of consent or a contract;
  • The right to decide on the fate of user data after death and to decide to whom the editor (CONFISERIE ADAM) must communicate or not this data.

As soon as CONFISERIE ADAM learns of the death of one of its users and in the absence of instructions from the latter, CONFISERIE ADAM commits to destroying the data concerned unless its conservation is deemed necessary for purposes of proof or to comply with legal obligations.


The user may at any time and if they so wish, contact CONFISERIE ADAM, should they need any information as to the manner in which CONFISERIE ADAM uses their personal data or should they wish to rectify, delete or oppose personal data processing.


In such cases, CONFISERIE ADAM can be contacted in writing at the following address:


42 Rue de la Gare à HERRLISHEIM-PRES-COLMAR (68420).





The user must state the personal data they wish to correct, update or delete and must identify themselves clearly by enclosing in their request a copy of their identification document.


Finally, all users have the right to lodge a complaint with the supervisory authority which can be reached at the following address: CNIL, 3 place de Fontenois, TSA 87115, 75334 PARIS CEDEX 07


(CNIL = National Commission for Data Protection and Liberties)


Security of personal data collected


CONFISERIE ADAM commits to taking all necessary precautions to protect the security of collected information and in particular to ensure it is not disclosed to unauthorised individuals.


Should an incident attacking either the completeness or the confidentiality of the user information be brought to the attention of CONFISERIE ADAM, the latter will inform the user without undue delay and will communicate the corrective measures undertaken.


In order to ensure the security and confidentiality of personal data collected, CONFISERIE ADAM uses networks protected by standard systems such as firewalls, pseudonymisation, encryption and passwords.


During the processing of personal data collected, CONFISERIE ADAM takes all reasonable measures to protect against all loss, misuse, unauthorised use, disclosure, alteration or destruction thereof.


CONFISERIE ADAM also ensures the safety of minors In France, the processing of personal data relating to a minor is legal once they are over fifteen years old.


Below which age any minor using the website must seek the consent of a parent or guardian.


In practice, consent is given or authorised by the legal guardian with regard to the minor when the latter navigates on the present website.